Class ListCertificateMapEntriesRequest (1.2.0)

    mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs

Request for the ListCertificateMapEntries method.


parent str
Required. The project, location and certificate map from which the certificate map entries should be listed, specified in the format projects/*/locations/*/certificateMaps/*.
page_size int
Maximum number of certificate map entries to return. The service may return fewer than this value. If unspecified, at most 50 certificate map entries will be returned. The maximum value is 1000; values above 1000 will be coerced to 1000.
page_token str
The value returned by the last ListCertificateMapEntriesResponse. Indicates that this is a continuation of a prior ListCertificateMapEntries call, and that the system should return the next page of data.
filter str
Filter expression to restrict the returned Certificate Map Entries.
order_by str
A list of Certificate Map Entry field names used to specify the order of the returned results. The default sorting order is ascending. To specify descending order for a field, add a suffix " desc".