Class TableReadOptions (2.8.0)

TableReadOptions(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Options dictating how we read a table. .. attribute:: selected_fields

Names of the fields in the table that should be read. If empty, all fields will be read. If the specified field is a nested field, all the sub-fields in the field will be selected. The output field order is unrelated to the order of fields in selected_fields.

:type: Sequence[str]


row_restriction str
SQL text filtering statement, similar to a WHERE clause in a query. Aggregates are not supported. Examples: "int_field > 5" "date_field = CAST('2014-9-27' as DATE)" "nullable_field is not NULL" "st_equals(geo_field, st_geofromtext("POINT(2, 2)"))" "numeric_field BETWEEN 1.0 AND 5.0" Restricted to a maximum length for 1 MB.
Optional. Options specific to the Apache Arrow output format.