Class TableFieldSchema (2.15.0)

TableFieldSchema(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

TableFieldSchema defines a single field/column within a table schema.


name str
Required. The field name. The name must contain only letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), or underscores (_), and must start with a letter or underscore. The maximum length is 128 characters.
Required. The field data type.
Optional. The field mode. The default value is NULLABLE.
fields Sequence[]
Optional. Describes the nested schema fields if the type property is set to STRUCT.
description str
Optional. The field description. The maximum length is 1,024 characters.
max_length int
Optional. Maximum length of values of this field for STRINGS or BYTES. If max_length is not specified, no maximum length constraint is imposed on this field. If type = "STRING", then max_length represents the maximum UTF-8 length of strings in this field. If type = "BYTES", then max_length represents the maximum number of bytes in this field. It is invalid to set this field if type is not "STRING" or "BYTES".
precision int
Optional. Precision (maximum number of total digits in base 10) and scale (maximum number of digits in the fractional part in base 10) constraints for values of this field for NUMERIC or BIGNUMERIC. It is invalid to set precision or scale if type is not "NUMERIC" or "BIGNUMERIC". If precision and scale are not specified, no value range constraint is imposed on this field insofar as values are permitted by the type. Values of this NUMERIC or BIGNUMERIC field must be in this range when: - Precision (P) and scale (S) are specified: [-10^(P-S) + 10^(-S), 10^(P-S) - 10^(-S)] - Precision (P) is specified but not scale (and thus scale is interpreted to be equal to zero): [-10^P + 1, 10^P - 1]. Acceptable values for precision and scale if both are specified: - If type = "NUMERIC": 1 <= precision="" -="" scale=""><= 29="" and="" 0=""><= scale=""><= 9.="" -="" if="" type="BIGNUMERIC" :="" 1=""><= precision="" -="" scale=""><= 38="" and="" 0=""><= scale=""><= 38.="" acceptable="" values="" for="" precision="" if="" only="" precision="" is="" specified="" but="" not="" scale="" (and="" thus="" scale="" is="" interpreted="" to="" be="" equal="" to="" zero):="" -="" if="" type="NUMERIC" :="" 1=""><= precision=""><= 29.="" -="" if="" type="BIGNUMERIC" :="" 1=""><= precision=""><= 38.="" if="" scale="" is="" specified="" but="" not="" precision,="" then="" it="" is="" invalid.="">
scale int
Optional. See documentation for precision.




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