Class ListDataPoliciesRequest (0.2.0)

ListDataPoliciesRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for the ListDataPolicies method.


parent str
Required. Resource name of the project for which to list data policies. Format is projects/{project_number}/locations/{location_id}.
page_size int
The maximum number of data policies to return. Must be a value between 1 and 1000. If not set, defaults to 50.
page_token str
The nextPageToken value returned from a previous list request, if any. If not set, defaults to an empty string.
filter str
Filters the data policies by policy tags that they are associated with. Currently filter only supports "policy\_tag" based filtering and OR based predicates. Sample filter can be "policy\_tag: 'projects/1/locations/us/taxonomies/2/policyTags/3'". You may use wildcard such as "policy\_tag: 'projects/1/locations/us/taxonomies/2/*'".