Class ComplianceRegime (1.11.0)


Supported Compliance Regimes.

Values: COMPLIANCE_REGIME_UNSPECIFIED (0): Unknown compliance regime. IL4 (1): Information protection as per DoD IL4 requirements. CJIS (2): Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security policies. FEDRAMP_HIGH (3): FedRAMP High data protection controls FEDRAMP_MODERATE (4): FedRAMP Moderate data protection controls US_REGIONAL_ACCESS (5): Assured Workloads For US Regions data protection controls HIPAA (6): Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act controls HITRUST (7): Health Information Trust Alliance controls EU_REGIONS_AND_SUPPORT (8): Assured Workloads For EU Regions and Support controls CA_REGIONS_AND_SUPPORT (9): Assured Workloads For Canada Regions and Support controls ITAR (10): International Traffic in Arms Regulations AU_REGIONS_AND_US_SUPPORT (11): Assured Workloads for Australia Regions and Support controls Available for public preview consumption. Don't create production workloads. ASSURED_WORKLOADS_FOR_PARTNERS (12): Assured Workloads for Partners