Deprecation and support lifecycle policy


  • Deprecation is an announcement that Google Cloud is discontinuing a service or feature that it supports.
  • Decommissioning is the eventual shutdown and removal of an already deprecated service or feature
  • End of Support is the point in time where Google Cloud will stop issuing patches and bug fixes to a version.


All Migrate for Compute Engine releases and their client-side components follow the <MAJOR>.<MINOR>.<PATCH> versioning convention, a new release increments:

  • The MAJOR version when introducing significant new functionality, when making backwards-incompatible changes and in other cases as well.
  • The MINOR version when adding functionality in a backwards-compatible manner.
  • The PATCH version when making backwards-compatible bug fixes.

Migrate for Compute Engine Support policy

  • Migrate for Compute Engine MINOR version is supported for at least 12 months from release date.
  • Migrate for Compute Engine latest MAJOR (n) version will be supported for at least 12 month after the deprecation announcement for that version.
  • Patch releases don't reset the clock.

This means that every major or minor (n) release is supported for at least 12 months. If after 12 months from the release date of minor version (n) it is still the latest available version, support may be discontinued with one year notice from Google Cloud.

Released Versions

Version Release date End Of Support
4.11 2020-08-12

VMware source - 2022-12-31
AWS/Azure source - TBA

4.10 2020-05-27 2021-05-27
4.9 2020-02-12 2021-02-12
4.8 2019-11-12 2020-11-12
4.5 2019-08-06 2020-08-06
4.2 2019-04-15 2020-04-15