Memorystore for Redis Cluster release notes

This page documents production updates to Memorystore for Redis Cluster. You can periodically check this page for announcements about new or updated features, bug fixes, known issues, and deprecated functionality.

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July 12, 2024

Single-zone instances are now Generally Available on Memorystore for Redis Cluster.

June 11, 2024

Added support for single-zone instances (Preview). Also removed network billing charge for Consumer Data Processing for same-zone traffic. For more details about same-zone (intra-zone) traffic billing, see Network pricing. For more information about single-zone instances, see Single-zone instances.

May 28, 2024

Added support for Deletion protection for Memorystore for Redis Cluster.

April 05, 2024

Added support for new node types, including smaller and larger nodes. For more details, see Cluster and node specification.

Added support for AOF and RDB persistence (Preview). For more details, see Persistence overview.

Added support for instance configurations (Preview). For more details, see Supported instance configurations.

November 14, 2023

Memorystore for Redis Cluster is now Generally Available (GA).

October 23, 2023

Added support for Committed use discounts for Memorystore for Redis Cluster.

September 06, 2023

August 16, 2023

Added the following changes and feature support:

Preview release of Memorystore for Redis Cluster.