Viewing alerts

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View alerts that you or other users have created from a dashboard tile or the Manage Alerts user page.

Viewing alerts from a dashboard tile

If your Looker admin has granted you permissions to create or follow alerts, a bell icon appears when you hover over the dashboard tile. A numeric indicator shows how many alerts you are permitted to view for that tile, even alerts that do not include you as a recipient and that you are not following.

Click the bell icon on the top right of the tile to display a list of alerts that you are permitted to see based on your permissions (you may need to scroll to see the entire list):

A description below the alert title shows the details of that alert's notification scheme. For example, when the conditions specified in the first alert listed in the image above are true, a notification will be sent every day at 5 a.m. This alert is subject to one dashboard filter. The description does not include the alert notification method.

Viewing alerts from the Manage Alerts user page

You can view additional details and history information about alerts that you are following or that you have created on dashboard tiles from the Alert Details page, available on the Manage Alerts user page.