Following alerts

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If you have the appropriate user permissions, you can "follow" an alert so that you receive an email notification when its conditions are triggered. You automatically follow any email alert on which you are listed as a recipient.

Following alerts

To follow another user's alert, click the alert bell icon to open the list of alerts, and click the Follow button next to the alert you want to receive a notification for.

Some alerts cannot be followed, including:

Unfollowing alerts

To unfollow an alert and stop receiving notifications when the alert is triggered, click the Unfollow button next to the alert in the alert view window. You can also unsubscribe directly from the alert notification by clicking Unfollow this alert at the bottom of your alert email.

If you unfollow an email alert, you'll be removed from its recipient list. You can still view the alert from the list of alerts on a tile; or, if you created the alert, you can view its information on the Manage Alerts user page.

Unfollowable alerts

For security reasons, some types of alerts are known as "unfollowable," which means that they cannot be viewed or followed by other users. When you create these alerts, you will not be able to view or set the alert Permissions. An alert is unfollowable if it meets one or more of these conditions:

If you create a Public alert based on a model that does not meet any of these conditions, and later update a model or filter so that the alert does meet one or more of these conditions, then the alert remains Public and followable.

Following and Slack alerts

Alerts to the Slack and Slack Attachment (API Token) integrations cannot be followed by default, and the Follow button next to the alert will be disabled. However, users with permissions to create alerts and access to the specific Slack channels in the alert settings can duplicate Slack alerts that are marked Public.

Viewing alerts from the Manage Alerts user page

You can view additional details and history information about alerts you are following that are set on dashboard tiles from the Alert Details page, available on the Manage Alerts user page.