Quotas and limits

This page explains the quotas and limits for Google Kubernetes Engine clusters, nodes, and GKE API requests.

GKE's per-project limits are:

GKE's per-cluster limits are:

  • Maximum of 5000 nodes per cluster.
  • Maximum of 1000 nodes per node pool.
  • Maximum of 1000 nodes per cluster if you use the GKE ingress controller.
  • 100 Pods per node.
  • 300,000 containers.

The rate limit for the GKE API is 10 requests per second.

You might also encounter Compute Engine resource quotas. Additionally, for projects with default regional Compute Engine CPUs quota, container clusters are limited to three per region.

Resource quotas

Starting with GKE 1.12.5, a set of resource quotas is automatically applied to clusters with five nodes or fewer and to Namespaces on those clusters. These quotas, which cannot be removed, protect the cluster's control plane from instability caused by potential bugs in applications deployed to the cluster. To examine these quotas, use the kubectl get resourcequota gke-resource-quotas -o yaml command. To view the gke-resource-quotas object for a given Namespace, specify the Namespace by adding the --namespace option.

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