GKE release schedule

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This page provides an estimated upgrade schedule for each new minor version in each release channel. Additionally for static versions (no channel), availability and end of life dates are provided for each minor version. To learn more, see Release channels.

Based on qualification and stability of releases, availability and upgrade dates might be delayed. Revisit this page to stay up to date, or subscribe to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) upgrade notifications for proactive version availability and rollout date updates.

To learn about GKE version support policies, see Versioning.

Controlling automatic upgrades

If your business schedule or constraints require different upgrade paths or strategies, you can adjust the scope and timing of the automated upgrades to better align with your business needs.

For more information, see Maintenance exclusion and Scope of maintenance.

Schedule for release channels

Clusters subscribed to a release channel follow this upgrade schedule:

Kubernetes version Kubernetes release date Control plane and node upgrades start on/after1 End of life2
Rapid Regular Stable
1.19 and earlier End of life
1.20 2020-12-08 2021-05-19 2021-07-26 2021-10-29 2022-08-31
1.21 2021-04-08 2021-09-02 2022-01-07 2022-04-29 2023-01-31
1.223 2021-08-04 2022-04-05 2022-05-27 2022-09 2023-03-31
1.23 2021-12-14 2022-05-27 2022-09-02 2022-10 2023-06-30
1.24 2022-05-03 2022-08-12 2022-09 2023-01 2023-09-30
1.25 2022-08-23 2022-10 2023-01 2023-04 2024-01-31

Schedule for static (no channel) versions

Clusters using a static version (no channel) follow this availability and support schedule:

Kubernetes version Kubernetes release date Availability starts4 Control plane and node upgrades start on/after5 End of life2
1.19 and earlier End of life
1.20 2020-12-08 2021-06-15 2021-10-29 2022-08-31
1.21 2021-04-08 2021-10-01 2022-04-29 2023-01-31
1.22 2021-08-04 2022-01-26 2022-09 2023-03-31
1.23 2021-12-14 2022-04-29 2022-10 2023-06-30
1.24 2022-05-03 2022-08-19 2023-01 2023-09-30
1.25 2022-08-23 2022-09 2023-04 2024-01-31


  1. Kubernetes versions are generally available on each release channel a few weeks before upgrades start so that you can test the new version. On/after the upgrades start date, clusters subscribed to release channels will be upgraded to the referenced minor version.

  2. End of life: No new features, security patches, or bug fixes will be made available. If a cluster is running a version that has reached its end of life date, GKE will upgrade the cluster to ensure cluster operability and compliance. To learn more, see the GKE minor version lifecycle.

  3. Kubernetes open source version 1.22 removed long deprecated APIs. GKE version 1.22 became available in the Rapid channel in October 2021.

  4. Static availability starts: The Kubernetes minor version is available and supported in the static version (no channel) for new cluster creations.

  5. Static upgrades start: The Kubernetes minor version becomes the default in static (no channel). Control planes will be upgraded on/after this date, followed by node upgrades, if enabled. To learn more, see the upgrade behavior for static versions.

  6. Versions 1.19 and earlier are unavailable for new cluster creations. Clusters currently running these versions are supported through the version's end of life date.