About Backup for GKE resource locations

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This page describes how resource locations impact the operation of the Backup for GKE service.

Backup for GKE provides two types of top-level resources (BackupPlans and RestorePlans). These resources are always created within a resource hierarchy that includes project ID and location. As a regional service, Backup for GKE locations are always Google Cloud regions.

Backup for GKE resource regions have these implications:

  • BackupPlan

    • Defines the region where all backup artifacts produced via the BackupPlan will be stored (both config backups and volume backups). If the cluster being backed up via a BackupPlanis in a different region than the BackupPlan, this could incur inter-region data transfer fees when performing those backups.

    • Defines the allowed region for CMEK keys (see About CMEK encryption). If you want to register a CMEK key for encrypting backup artifacts, the key must have the same region as the BackupPlan.

  • RestorePlan

    • Defines the region where backup artifacts will be restored. The target cluster referenced in a RestorePlan must be either a zonal or regional cluster within the same region as the RestorePlan. If the RestorePlan region is different than the BackupPlan region, this could incur inter-region data transfer fees when performing those restores.

To see which regions are supported by Backup for GKE, you can run the following command:

gcloud beta container backup-restore locations list \

Replace PROJECT_ID with the ID of your Google Cloud project.