Enable Backup for GKE API

This page describes how to enable Backup for GKE.

Before you begin

Before you start, make sure you have performed the following tasks:

  • Enable the Google Kubernetes Engine API.
  • Enable Google Kubernetes Engine API
  • If you want to use the Google Cloud CLI for this task, install and then initialize the gcloud CLI. If you previously installed the gcloud CLI, get the latest version by running gcloud components update.

Enable the Backup for GKE API

The Backup for GKE service is automatically enabled in any project where the GKE API is enabled. If you manually disabled the Backup for GKE service, you can enable the Backup for GKE service by using the Google Cloud CLI, Google Cloud console, or Terraform.


To enable the Backup for GKE service, run the following command:

gcloud services enable gkebackup.googleapis.com


In the Google Cloud console, enable the Backup for GKE API:

Enable the API


Create an appropriate "google_project_service" resource to enable the gkebackup.googleapis.com service:

resource "google_project_service" "my_service" {
   project = "my_project"
   service = "gkebackup.googleapis.com"

For more information, see google_project_service.

What's next