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Cloud Job Discovery is a service that brings machine learning to your job search experience, returning high quality results to job seekers far beyond the limitations of typical keyword-based methods. Once integrated with your job content, Cloud Job Discovery automatically detects and infers various kinds of data, such as related titles, seniority, and industry. In addition to the underlying search technology, Cloud Job Discovery includes several built-in features, such as:

  • indexed jobs using structured fields to better represent the job content,
  • preferred mode of transit search for jobs by commute time,
  • histogram counts of jobs across different facets,
  • showcased featured/sponsored jobs,
  • passive job seeker result optimization for email alerts,
  • job search in multiple languages,
  • suggested autocompletion titles for companies and jobs specifically open in your corpus of jobs,
  • spelling correction, company jargon recognition, job enrichment, and more.

Cloud Job Discovery is a RESTful API, and offers client libraries in several languages (always expanding) that can be used to leverage the underlying services.

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Cloud Job Discovery Documentation