Class BlobWriteSessionConfigs (2.29.1)

public final class BlobWriteSessionConfigs

Factory class to select and construct BlobWriteSessionConfigs.

There are several strategies which can be used to upload a Blob to Google Cloud Storage. This class provides factories which allow you to select the appropriate strategy for your workload.

Comparison of Strategies
StrategyFactory Method(s)DescriptionTransport(s) SupportedConsiderationsRetry SupportCloud Storage API used
Default (Chunk based upload)#getDefault() Buffer up to a configurable amount of bytes in memory, write to Cloud Storage when full or close. Buffer size is configurable via DefaultBlobWriteSessionConfig#withChunkSize(int) gRPCThe network will only be used for the following operations:
  1. Creating the Resumable Upload Session
  2. Transmitting zero or more incremental chunks
  3. Transmitting the final chunk and finalizing the Resumable Upload Session
  4. If