Interface PublisherServiceGrpc.AsyncService (1.13.8)

public static interface PublisherServiceGrpc.AsyncService

The service that a publisher client application uses to publish messages to topics. Published messages are retained by the service for the duration of the retention period configured for the respective topic, and are delivered to subscriber clients upon request (via the SubscriberService).


publish(StreamObserver<PublishResponse> responseObserver)

public default StreamObserver<PublishRequest> publish(StreamObserver<PublishResponse> responseObserver)

Establishes a stream with the server for publishing messages. Once the stream is initialized, the client publishes messages by sending publish requests on the stream. The server responds with a PublishResponse for each PublishRequest sent by the client, in the same order that the requests were sent. Note that multiple PublishRequests can be in flight simultaneously, but they will be processed by the server in the order that they are sent by the client on a given stream.

Name Description
responseObserver io.grpc.stub.StreamObserver<PublishResponse>
Type Description