Package (1.7.0)

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Describes limits on bytes and messages outstanding for a single partition Pub/Sub Lite subscriber. These are hard limits enforced by the server.



MessageTransforms details how to transform message representations from Cloud Pub/Sub to Pub/Sub Lite.

Transformers are made public to allow user code that currently uses PubsubMessages to use interfaces interacting with Pub/Sub Lite.


Settings for instantiating a Pub/Sub Lite publisher emulating the Cloud Pub/Sub Publisher API.



Settings for instantiating a Pub/Sub Lite subscriber emulating the Cloud Pub/Sub Subscriber API.




A KeyExtractor can extract the Pub/Sub Lite 'key' field used for message routing from a PubsubMessage. It will by default use the ordering_key field directly for this if it exists.

An empty ByteString implies that the message should have no ordering key.


A NackHandler handles when nack() is called in a user's AckReplyConsumer. Pub/Sub Lite does not have a concept of 'nack'. When nack() is called in an AckReplyConsumerr, nack(message) is called with the nacked message.

If the returned future is successful, the message is acknowledged. If the future fails, the subscriber client will be failed. The default behavior is to immediately fail the client.


Supplies new SubscriberServiceClient instances.


Pub/Sub Lite publishers are streaming based and can experience permanent errors.


A ReassignmentHandler is called any time a new partition assignment is received from the server. It will be called with both the previous and new assignments as decided by the backend.

The client library will not acknowledge the assignment until handleReassignment returns. The assigning backend will not assign any of the partitions in before to another server unless the assignment is acknowledged, or a client takes too long to acknowledged (currently 30 seconds from the time the assignment is sent from server's point of view).

Because of the above, as long as reassignment handling is processed quickly, it can be used to abort outstanding operations on partitions which are being assigned away from this client.


A sub-interface of