google-cloud-orgpolicy overview (2.3.0)

The interfaces provided are listed below, along with usage samples.


Service Description: An interface for managing organization policies.

The Cloud Org Policy service provides a simple mechanism for organizations to restrict the allowed configurations across their entire Cloud Resource hierarchy.

You can use a policy to configure restrictions in Cloud resources. For example, you can enforce a policy that restricts which Google Cloud Platform APIs can be activated in a certain part of your resource hierarchy, or prevents serial port access to VM instances in a particular folder.

Policies are inherited down through the resource hierarchy. A policy applied to a parent resource automatically applies to all its child resources unless overridden with a policy lower in the hierarchy.

A constraint defines an aspect of a resource's configuration that can be controlled by an organization's policy administrator. Policies are a collection of constraints that defines their allowable configuration on a particular resource and its child resources.

Sample for OrgPolicyClient:

 // This snippet has been automatically generated for illustrative purposes only.
 // It may require modifications to work in your environment.
 try (OrgPolicyClient orgPolicyClient = OrgPolicyClient.create()) {
   PolicyName name = PolicyName.ofProjectPolicyName("[PROJECT]", "[POLICY]");
   Policy response = orgPolicyClient.getPolicy(name);