Class CollectionGroup (3.22.0)

public class CollectionGroup extends Query

A Collection Group query matches all documents that are contained in a collection or subcollection with a specific collection ID.


java.lang.Object > Query > CollectionGroup


getPartitions(long desiredPartitionCount)

public ApiFuture<List<QueryPartition>> getPartitions(long desiredPartitionCount)
Name Description
desiredPartitionCount long
Type Description

getPartitions(long desiredPartitionCount, ApiStreamObserver<QueryPartition> observer) (deprecated)

public void getPartitions(long desiredPartitionCount, ApiStreamObserver<QueryPartition> observer)

Deprecated. Please use #getPartitions(long) instead. All cursors will be loaded before any value will be provided to observer.

Partitions a query by returning partition cursors that can be used to run the query in parallel. The returned partition cursors are split points that can be used as starting/end points for the query results.

Name Description
desiredPartitionCount long

The desired maximum number of partition points. The number must be strictly positive. The actual number of partitions returned may be fewer.

observer ApiStreamObserver<QueryPartition>

a stream observer that receives the result of the Partition request.