Choose an Interconnect Type

Cloud Interconnect provides different connection types for extending your on-premises network to your Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks. When choosing a connection type, consider your connection requirements for availability, bandwidth, and security.

For example, you might want to extend your data center so that you can run workloads in the cloud, and these workloads require you to transfer large data sets between networks. A dedicated connection can provide the bandwidth you need at a cost effective price. If you're testing hybrid applications or your workloads have a lower bandwidth requirements, use a Cloud VPN tunnel.

The following table summarizes each connection type:

Connection type Capacity Cost Considerations
Dedicated Interconnect - a dedicated, direct connection to VPC networks (not encrypted) 10 - 80 Gbps per interconnect Reduced egress costs. Fee for each circuit and VLAN Requires you to have routing equipment in a colocation facility. If you require additional security, use application-level encryption.
Cloud VPN tunnel - an encrypted tunnel to VPC networks through the public Internet 1.5-3 Gbps for each tunnel Traffic is billed the same as general network pricing. Fee for each tunnel Requires a VPN device in your on-premises network

Summary of connection types

Dedicated Interconnect connection is a direct circuit to Google's network that is reserved for your traffic only. Your traffic doesn't have to compete with other public traffic. However, it requires your network to meet Google's network in a colocation facility. If you move lots of data between networks, a dedicated connection provides reduced costs, higher bandwidth, and more reliability compared to using the public Internet.

If you use an Cloud VPN tunnel, you can use your current service provider to connect to a VPC network, but your traffic traverses the public Internet. Cloud VPN tunnels don't have the setup overhead of dedicated connections. You just need a VPN device in your on-premises network. If you don't need the high bandwidth and availability of dedicated connections, use Cloud VPN tunnels.

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