Locations and pricing

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Immersive Stream for XR charges by using a pay-as-you-go model based on the configured streaming capacity of your Immersive Stream for XR service instance. This instance represents the maximum number of concurrent users that your experience can support.

Pricing depends on the location of the Google Cloud regions that you are serving the content from. For example, when you configure your instance to have a capacity of 10 in us-central1, you start being charged at 10 times the hourly cost found in the following table, and up to 10 users can access the experience at the same time. You can increase or decrease capacity at any time and pay only for the time that the capacity was configured.

The available regions and their pricing are as follows.

Google Cloud region Location Hourly price per capacity unit
us-central1 Iowa, US


us-east4 Virginia, US


us-west1 Oregon, US


asia-northeast1 Tokyo, Japan


asia-southeast1 Singapore


europe-west4 Netherlands