Regional high availability

Filestore is a fully managed Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution on Google Cloud. You can easily mount Filestore file shares onto Compute Engine VMs. Filestore can also be accessed by Google Kubernetes Engine clusters, allowing your containers to reference the same shared data. Filestore offers several service tiers to fulfill different use cases and workloads.

Filestore Enterprise features regional high availability with an SLA of 99.95%. This means that in the event of a zone failure, Filestore Enterprise instances will continue to serve data and accept new writes, making the zone failure transparent to clients.

Filestore regional HA

Filestore adopts the strict consistency policy required by NFS. You can deploy the clients of Enterprise tier Filestore instances to any zone within the region of the instance. When a client writes data, Filestore doesn't return an acknowledgement until the change is persisted so that subsequent reads will return the correct data, even if a zone fails.