Eventarc quotas

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The following usage quotas and limits apply to Eventarc when used with supported event receivers.

Eventarc uses Pub/Sub push subscriptions which are subject to throughput limits per publish region.

Resource limits

The number of Eventarc resources is limited for a given project. There is no direct limit on the size of the Eventarc API request.

Resource Description Limit Can be increased Scope
Trigger Maximum number of triggers 500 No Per location per project
Event Event size 512 KB No N/A

Quota rate limits

Quota Description Limit Can be increased Scope
Published Events (Third-party + Custom Events) The number of third-party or custom events that can be published per project across all channels 300 No. To request an exception, contact support. Per project
Trigger read requests The number of Eventarc Trigger API reads per minute per project 6000 Yes Per project
Trigger write requests The number of Eventarc Trigger API writes per minute per project 600 Yes. The global location has a write limit of 10 QPS. Per project

How to increase quota

To increase quotas above the defaults listed on this page:

  1. Go to the Eventarc Quotas page.

  2. Select the quota(s) you want to modify and click EDIT QUOTAS.

  3. If prompted, provide your user information, and enter the new quota limit for each quota you selected.