Install the Endpoint Verification extension

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This document shows how employees of an organization can install the Endpoint Verification extension on their devices.

As an employee of an organization, you can access your corporate account on a company-owned device or a personal device. To ensure that you can securely access your organization's data from any of your devices, the administrator of your organization might either install Endpoint Verification on your devices or require you to install the Endpoint Verification Chrome extension on your devices.

Before you begin

Ensure that your device is running one of the following operating systems:

  • ChromeOS
  • Apple® Mac® OS X® El Capitan (10.11) or later
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11
  • Linux® Debian® and Ubuntu®

Install the Endpoint Verification extension

  1. Open the Chrome browser and install the Endpoint Verification extension.
  2. On the browser toolbar, if you see Exception exception bubble on the extension, click the extension to open it.
  3. If prompted, click Add account and enter your corporate email address and password.

    Information about your computer automatically synchronizes to your administrator.

  4. If you want to manually sync information, on the toolbar, click Endpoint Verification > Sync now.

Install the Endpoint Verification helper app

After installing the Endpoint Verification extension, if you see a message that the helper app is required on your device, do the following:

Mac or Windows

  1. Click Install it.
  2. Follow the steps to install the helper app.
  3. Click the extension again and then click Sync now.


  1. Click Activities and enter terminal to open a terminal.

  2. Add the package source and import the key:

    1. echo "deb endpoint-verification main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/endpoint-verification.list
    2. curl | sudo apt-key add -`
  3. Update and install Endpoint Verification:

    1. sudo apt-get update
    2. sudo apt-get install endpoint-verification
  4. Open the Chrome browser and on the toolbar, click Endpoint Verification > Sync now.

What's next