Running and Debugging an App Engine Project inside Eclipse

This page shows you how to run and debug your project in an App Engine emulator running on your local computer.

Cloud Tools for Eclipse uses the Eclipse Web Tools Project flow.

Running the project locally

  1. Select the project in the Project Explorer or Package Explorer.
  2. Open the context menu. (Right click or Ctrl-click)
  3. Select Run As > App Engine

  4. Log messages appear in the console as the server starts up.

  5. Eclipse opens its internal web browser to your application. You can also open an external browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080. Either way, you'll see a static HTML page with a link to the servlet.

    Available Servlets: The servlet

Debugging the project locally

Same as above except you select Debug As > App Engine instead of Run As > App Engine. The server stops at any breakpoints you've set and shows the Eclipse debugger view.

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