Configuring Eclipse Projects for use with Cloud Tools for Eclipse

Cloud Tools for Eclipse supports existing Java App Engine applications, whether built with Eclipse, Ant, Maven, Gradle, or some other system. You can also convert your Google Plugin for Eclipse (GPE) projects.

To convert your project:

  1. If you're not already using Eclipse, import the project into Eclipse as you would any other Java application.

    1. For example, if you have a Maven project, use the File > Import... > Existing Maven Projects wizard.
  2. Once the project is open in Eclipse, select it in the Package Explorer or Project Explorer.

  3. Open the context menu, and select Configure > Convert to App Engine Project.

What is the conversion process doing to my project?

Cloud Tools for Eclipse makes the following changes to your project:

  • Applies an App Engine standard facet so that it can recognize the project as an App Engine project and display the relevant menu items.

  • Creates a WEB-INF folder containing web.xml and appengine-web.xml files if they are not already present.

  • Adds the Servlet API and JSP API versions supported in the App Engine standard environment to the project classpath.

  • Removes the legacy GPE facets from former GPE projects. This conversion is one way. You cannot easily convert the project back to a GPE project.

What's Next

  • Now that you have successfully migrated your project to Cloud Tools for Eclipse, learn more about the available tools and resources.