Supported platforms

We aim to make the Google Cloud Libraries for .NET run in as wide a set of environments as possible, where we have confidence that they will work correctly.

The latest libraries (the ones with dependencies on Google.Api.Gax 3.x) target the netstandard2.0 and net461 Target Framework Monikers.

Older versions of libraries (targeting Google.Api.Gax 2.x) support older frameworks (netstandard1.3 or netstandard1.5, and net45) but those are incompatible with the latest versions of Grpc.Core and with C# 8 asynchronous sequences. We strongly recommend updating to a newer framework supported by the latest libraries if you possibly can.

Mobile platform support

We do not currently support Xamarin or Unity. While we would like to, there are significant challenges around providing the level of automated testing and developer reproducibility required for us to feel comfortable describing these platforms as "supported".

Additionally, the authentication model for the services is intended primarily for end user access to user-owned resources (such as calendars or documents), or for access based on Google Cloud Platform projects. The latter adds challenges to accessing general Google services such as Cloud Speech-to-Text from user-owned devices.

For Unity users, we recommend consulting the Firebase Unity documentation to see whether the service you wish to access is covered by the Firebase Unity SDKs.

You may find that the packages provided work in some scenarios for Xamarin and Unity, but we are unable to provide support for this, and would recommend not relying on this for production applications.

We review our support for mobile platforms regularly, and hope to be able to support at least Xamarin and Unity at some point, but with no specific plans at the moment.