Version history

Version 1.4.0, released 2021-09-23

  • Commit e84109d:
    • feat: Add script field to BuildStep message
    • feat: Update cloudbuild proto with the service_account for BYOSA Triggers.
  • Commit ac367e2: feat: Regenerate all APIs to support self-signed JWTs
  • Commit 26753cf: feat: Add ability to configure BuildTriggers to create Builds that require approval before executing and ApproveBuild API to approve or reject pending Builds

Version 1.3.0, released 2021-07-29

Note that the new WorkerPools API is a technically-breaking change, as there was a previous, similar API in earlier releases. However, as that API wasn't implemented on the back-end, we're not bumping the major version: we don't expect customers were actually referring to the old messages in their code.

Version 1.2.0, released 2021-06-22

  • Commit 8c80969:
    • feat: Implementation of Source Manifests
      • Added message StorageSourceManifest as an option for the Source message
      • Added StorageSourceManifest field to the SourceProvenance message

Version 1.1.0, released 2021-04-29

  • Commit f4e1ad2: feat: Add fields for Pub/Sub triggers
  • Commit f3ab04e:
    • fix: Specify build as the body of a CreateBuild call. The Cloud Build API has always assumed this, but now we are actually specifying it.
    • feat: Add ReceiveTriggerWebhook for webhooks activating specific triggers.
    • docs: Update field docs on required-ness behavior and fix typos.
    • docs: Add $PROJECT_NUMBER as a substitution variable.
    • feat: Add SecretManager-related resources and messages for corresponding integration.
    • docs: Clarify lifetime/expiration behavior around ListBuilds page tokens.
    • feat: Add COMMENTS_ENABLED_FOR_EXTERNAL_CONTRIBUTORS_ONLY for corresponding comment control behavior with triggered builds.
    • feat: Add E2_HIGHCPU_8 and E2_HIGHCPU_32 machine types.

Version 1.0.0, released 2021-03-02

No API surface changes since 1.0.0-beta01.

Version 1.0.0-beta01, released 2021-01-06

Initial release.