Google Cloud DNS has quotas that limit the number of zones, records, and size of resource records. The API is also subject to a quota limit on the number of daily requests.

The following table summarizes the default quota for different Cloud DNS resources:

Attribute Limit
Managed zones 10,000
Resource records (RR) sets per managed zone 10,000
Records per RR set 100
Additions per change 1,000
Deletions per change 1,000
Resource record data size per change (bytes) 100,000

Zones, records, and size limits

You can run the following command to look up the quota for your project:

gcloud dns project-info describe [PROJECT_NAME]

You can find the name of your default project and additional projects at the top of the Overview page in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

Example output:

id: projectname,
kind: "dns#project",
number: "123456789012",
    kind: dns#quota,
    managedZones: 10000,
    resourceRecordsPerRrset: 10000,
    rrsetAdditionsPerChange: 1000,
    rrsetDeletionsPerChange: 1000,
    rrsetsPerManagedZone: 10000,
    totalRrdataSizePerChange: 100000

This example response shows the total limits for the various types of objects in your project. The totalRrdataSizePerChange is measured in bytes and the combined total of both the additions and deletions for a change.

API usage limits

The number of API requests per day is limited by quota at the project level. All API requests count against this quota, including those made programmatically, requests from the gcloud command-line tool, and requests made through the Google Cloud Platform Console. You can view your API limits, current usage, and optionally request more quota from the Quotas pane in the Cloud Platform Console.

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