Node.js client library

This page provides reference documentation and related resources for the Dialogflow Node.js client library.


The following links provide reference documentation for the client library:


To install the client library:

npm install dialogflow


For an introduction to using this library, see the Quickstart.

Language guide

The GCP documentation provides a general language guide for using Node.js.

GitHub repositories

The following links provide source code and issue trackers for the client library:

Get help

You can browse and ask questions about this client library at Stack Overflow.

V2Beta1 client library

Dialogflow's V2Beta1 API offers new features that are not yet available with the V2 API. To use the V2Beta1 client library:

  • Enable beta features. See agent general settings.
  • Specify the V2Beta1 API in your code by using the following require statement:

    const dialogflow = require('dialogflow').v2beta1;

Dialogflow fulfillment library

The Dialogflow fulfillment library provides a way for developers to create fulfillment across the various integrations that Dialogflow supports. If you are only interested in building Dialogflow fulfillment for the Google Assistant and don't plan on using other integrations, you should use the Actions on Google fulfillment library which supports all Actions on Google features.

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