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Cloud Dataflow SDK Deprecation Notice: The Cloud Dataflow SDK 2.5.0 is the last Cloud Dataflow SDK release that is separate from the Apache Beam SDK releases. The Cloud Dataflow service fully supports official Apache Beam SDK releases. The Cloud Dataflow service also supports previously released Apache Beam SDKs starting with version 2.0.0 and above.

Get a Google support package

Google Cloud Platform offers different support packages to meet different needs, such as 24/7 coverage, phone support, and access to a technical support manager. For more information, see GCP Support.

Get support for the Apache Beam SDK

To get help with Apache Beam, see the list of resources available on the Apache Beam site.

Support status for SDK releases

The support status for Apache Beam and Cloud Dataflow SDK releases has moved to SDK version support status.

Get support from the community

Use the following resources to get help from the Cloud Dataflow community. Before submitting a question, check the Cloud Dataflow FAQ for answers to common questions about Cloud Dataflow.

Ask a question on Stack Overflow

Ask a question about Cloud Dataflow on Stack Overflow. Use the tag google-cloud-dataflow for questions about Cloud Dataflow. This tag not only receives responses from the Stack Overflow community, but also from Google engineers, who monitor the tag and offer unofficial support. For production issues (e.g., when you'd like a particular jobId to be looked at) please contact Google Cloud Platform Support.

Stay informed about Cloud Dataflow

Join the dataflow-announce Google group to receive announcements and updates about Cloud Dataflow.

Discuss Cloud Dataflow

Visit the GCP Slack community to discuss Cloud Dataflow and other GCP products. If you haven't already joined, use this form to sign up. For Cloud Dataflow, join the #dataflow channel.

File bugs or feature requests

You can use the UserVoice forum to send us feedback on various issues, including:

If you're reporting a bug or defect with Cloud Dataflow, please include the following information with your request:

  • What steps will reproduce the problem?
  • What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
  • What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
  • Please provide any additional information.
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