Quotas and limits

This document lists content limits and request quotas for Data Catalog. These limits apply to each Google Cloud Console project and organization and are shared across all applications and IP addresses.

Content limits

The Data Catalog API enforces the following content limits:

Content Limit Value
Maximum number of entries
(search results latency can increase when exceeded)
MB per Entry 10 MB
Maximum number of search results per page 1000
Fields per TagTemplate 500
Length of field name in TagTemplate 512 bytes
Length of resource name for a TagTemplate 512 bytes
Length of string field in TagTemplate 10000 bytes
Max number of enum values in Tag Template 100
Tags per Entry 1000

Request quotas

The QPS of projects in an organization are added together to calculate the organization's QPS, and the project and organization have the same QPS quota. This provides flexibility to allow users to allocate quota among the organization's projects.

QPS Quota Value
Read 100
Write 25
Search 15

Other quotas

Quota increases

Currently, Data Catalog does not support quota increases.