Config Connector resources

Config Connector supports the following resources. All Config Connector resources have a Kubernetes API group of

Google Cloud Resource Config Connector Resource Name
Access Context Manager AccessContextManagerAccessLevel
Access Context Manager AccessContextManagerAccessPolicy
Access Context Manager AccessContextManagerServicePerimeter
Artifact Registry ArtifactRegistryRepository
BigQuery BigQueryDataset
BigQuery BigQueryJob
BigQuery BigQueryTable
Cloud Bigtable BigtableAppProfile
Cloud Bigtable BigtableGCPolicy
Cloud Bigtable BigtableInstance
Cloud Bigtable BigtableTable
Cloud Build CloudBuildTrigger
Compute Engine ComputeAddress
Compute Engine ComputeBackendBucket
Compute Engine ComputeBackendService
Compute Engine ComputeDisk
Compute Engine ComputeExternalVPNGateway
Compute Engine ComputeFirewall
Compute Engine ComputeForwardingRule
Compute Engine ComputeHealthCheck
Compute Engine ComputeHTTPHealthCheck
Compute Engine ComputeHTTPSHealthCheck
Compute Engine ComputeImage
Compute Engine ComputeInstance
Compute Engine ComputeInstanceGroup
Compute Engine ComputeInstanceTemplate
Compute Engine ComputeInterconnectAttachment
Compute Engine ComputeNetwork
Compute Engine ComputeNetworkEndpointGroup
Compute Engine ComputeNetworkPeering
Compute Engine ComputeNodeGroup
Compute Engine ComputeNodeTemplate
Compute Engine ComputeProjectMetadata
Compute Engine ComputeReservation
Compute Engine ComputeResourcePolicy
Compute Engine ComputeRoute
Compute Engine ComputeRouter
Compute Engine ComputeRouterInterface
Compute Engine ComputeRouterNAT
Compute Engine ComputeRouterPeer
Compute Engine ComputeSecurityPolicy
Compute Engine ComputeSharedVPCHostProject
Compute Engine ComputeSharedVPCServiceProject
Compute Engine ComputeSnapshot
Compute Engine ComputeSSLCertificate
Compute Engine ComputeSSLPolicy
Compute Engine ComputeSubnetwork
Compute Engine ComputeTargetGrpcProxy
Compute Engine ComputeTargetHttpProxy
Compute Engine ComputeTargetHttpsProxy
Compute Engine ComputeTargetInstance
Compute Engine ComputeTargetPool
Compute Engine ComputeTargetSslProxy
Compute Engine ComputeTargetTcpProxy
Compute Engine ComputeTargetVPNGateway
Compute Engine ComputeURLMap
Compute Engine ComputeVPNGateway
Compute Engine ComputeVPNTunnel
Dataflow DataflowJob
Dataflow DataflowFlexTemplateJob
Cloud DNS DNSManagedZone
Cloud DNS DNSPolicy
Cloud DNS DNSRecordSet
Firestore FirestoreIndex
Game Servers GameServicesRealm
Google Kubernetes Engine ContainerCluster
Google Kubernetes Engine ContainerNodePool
Identity and Access Management IAMAuditConfig
Identity and Access Management IAMCustomRole
Identity and Access Management IAMPolicy
Identity and Access Management IAMPolicyMember
Identity and Access Management IAMServiceAccount
Identity and Access Management IAMServiceAccountKey
Cloud Key Management Service KMSCryptoKey
Cloud Key Management Service KMSKeyRing
Cloud Logging LoggingLogSink
Cloud Monitoring MonitoringAlertPolicy
Cloud Monitoring MonitoringGroup
Cloud Monitoring MonitoringNotificationChannel
Pub/Sub PubSubSubscription
Pub/Sub PubSubTopic
Memorystore RedisInstance
Resource Manager Folder
Resource Manager Project
Resource Manager ResourceManagerLien
Resource Manager ResourceManagerPolicy
Secret Manager SecretManagerSecret
Secret Manager SecretManagerSecretVersion
Service Networking ServiceNetworkingConnection
Service Usage Service
Cloud Source Repositories SourceRepoRepository
Cloud Spanner SpannerDatabase
Cloud Spanner SpannerInstance
Cloud SQL SQLDatabase
Cloud SQL SQLInstance
Cloud SQL SSLCert
Cloud SQL SQLUser
Cloud Storage StorageBucket
Cloud Storage StorageBucketAccessControl
Cloud Storage StorageDefaultObjectAccessControl
Cloud Storage StorageNotification
Storage Transfer Service StorageTransferJob