Supported operating systems and machine types

This topic lists the machine types and operating systems supported by Confidential VM.

Supported machine types

Confidential VM supports Compute Engine machine types in the following series:

Learn more about Compute Engine machine series.

Supported CPU platforms

Confidential VM supports the following CPU platforms.

  • AMD EPYC Rome
  • AMD EPYC Milan

Learn more about CPU platforms.

Supported operating systems

For the available Confidential VM operating system images, see Operating system details. Find your distribution of choice, and then click the Security features tab to check if Confidential VM is supported.

Alternatively, you can view supported operating system images with a gcloud command, or create your own Linux image.

View supported operating system images with gcloud

You can list the supported operating system images, their image families, and their versions by running the following command:

gcloud compute images list \

To limit the results to a specific image family, project, or other text provided in the previous command's response, use the --filter flag, and replace FILTER with a partial text match:

gcloud compute images list \
    --filter="guestOsFeatures[].type:(SEV_CAPABLE)" \

To view details about a specific image, run the following command using details from the responses of the previous commands:

gcloud compute images describe IMAGE_NAME \

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