Beta Feature Support

This page describes how to enable and use Beta features in Cloud Composer.

Beta features are feature complete but might have some outstanding issues. Typically, Beta features are indicated in the interface that you're accessing the feature through. For example, the API endpoint URL includes Beta in the version, and in the Google Cloud Console, there's a Beta tag next to the field that you use to configure a Beta feature. Cloud Composer documentation also specifies that a feature is in Beta.

The Beta features that Cloud Composer offers are not covered by any SLA or deprecation policy, and some changes might not be backward compatible with earlier Cloud Composer releases. Beta releases are suited for limited production use cases.

Beta features

To find out what features are in Beta, see the Release notes.

To use the Beta features in Cloud Composer:

Interface Method
Cloud SDK gcloud beta composer
Cloud Composer APIs v1beta1 REST or RPC API
Google Cloud Console Enable Beta features

Enabling Beta features in the Cloud Console

Beta features are marked in the UI with a 'Beta' badge. Enabling one or more of these features will result in your environment using the v1beta1 API.