Cloud Code features

Cloud Code provides IDE support for the full development cycle of Kubernetes and Cloud Run applications, from creating an application from an existing template to monitoring your deployed app's resources. Cloud Code also comes with run-ready samples and out-of-the-box configuration snippets to get you started quickly.

While Cloud Code works with any cloud platform, it provides a streamlined Google Kubernetes Engine experience for easy creation of clusters hosted on Google Cloud and better integration with tools like Cloud Source Repositories, Cloud Build, and a variety of Cloud libraries.

Creating a new application

Here's a snapshot of what Cloud Code has to offer:


  • Cloud Code comes with fully functional, run and debug ready samples; these can be cloned from the repo or accessed via the new application command
  • Support for importing custom template repositories to set up organization-specific applications quickly
  • Easy creation and editing of configuration files with smart templates, out-of-the-box snippets, and context-based completions
  • Diff between local and remote JSON/YAML files
  • Support for managing Kubernetes secrets
  • Support for remote development using a workspace in Cloud Shell


  • Run your application with one click, right from your IDE
  • 'Watch' mode to allow continuous building and real-time editing of your live application, helping you maintain a tight development inner loop
  • Automatic port-forwarding and resource cleanup on application termination


  • Intuitive debugging support for applications running on Kubernetes clusters


  • View and stream logs from your deployments, pods and containers

Resource management:

  • Quickly create Kubernetes clusters to develop and test your app
  • Inspect running clusters and services with the inbuilt Kubernetes and Cloud Run Explorers