Within a project, certificates and CAs can be created in one of many locations. These represent the geographical regions where a CA Service resource is stored and can be accessed. The location of a certificate or CA impacts the performance of applications using that resource.

You can create CA Service resources in different types of locations in Google Cloud, depending on your availability requirements. Locations are added regularly. For specific information about each location, see Locations.

For information on how to select a location, see Choosing the best type of location.

List of regional locations

A regional location's data centers exist in a specific geographical place. For example, a resource created in the us-central1 region is located in the central United States.

CA Service resources can be created in the regional locations given below.

Region name Region description
asia-southeast1 Singapore
europe-west1 Belgium
europe-west4 Netherlands
us-central1 Iowa
us-east1 South Carolina
us-west1 Oregon

The list of supported locations can also be checked by running the following command.

gcloud beta privateca locations list

Choosing the best type of location

As a rule, design your application so that all of its components are geographically near each other and near your application's clients. The location of your certificates is an important aspect of your application's design. After creation, a CA cannot be moved or exported.

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