NOTE: Some aspects of this product are in Beta. The hybrid installation options are GA. To join the Beta program, reach out to your Apigee representative.

Comparison of integrated portal features between Apigee hybrid and Apigee Edge

The majority of the features supported by Apigee Edge integrated portals are supported for Apigee hybrid.

The following features are not supported with hybrid integrated portals as part of the Beta release. These features will be supported in a future release.

Unsupported Edge feature Description Workaround
Audience management Segment portal users or developer teams to control access to specific resources. Manage the default visibility for specific portal resources by allowing access to all users or registered users only.
Content Security Policy (CSP) management Configure a content security policy (CSP) for all pages in your portal to protect against cross-site scripting (XSS) and other code-injection attacks. N/A
Custom domains Register your own domain name for the portal. N/A
Developer programs Configure identity provider used for authentication and other aspects of the portal user registration and sign-in experience. N/A
Developer teams App developers can share responsibility for an app. N/A
Email notifications Configure email notifications and notifications for new portal user registration. N/A
Identity provider Configure identity provider used for authentication. N/A
Monetization Configure monetization in your developer portal. N/A
(Monetization is not yet supported in hybrid)
Registration and sign-in experience Configure the registration and sign-in experience for developer accounts. N/A
Spec management Create and manage your OpenAPI Specifications. Create your OpenAPI Specifications in your preferred editor. When publishing your api, upload the specification from your local system.