Troubleshooting overview

This page provides general troubleshooting information for API Gateway.

Cannot run "gcloud api-gateway" commands

To run the gcloud api-gateway ... commands, you must have updated the Cloud SDK and enabled the necessary Google services. See Configuring your development environment for more.

Command "gcloud api-gateway api-configs create" says service account does not exist

If you run the gcloud api-gateway api-configs create ... command and receive an error in the form:

ERROR: (gcloud.api-gateway.api-configs.create) FAILED_PRECONDITION:
Service Account "projects/-/serviceAccounts/service_account_email" does not exist

Rerun the command but this time include the --backend-auth-service-account option to explicitly specify the email address of the service account to use:

gcloud api-gateway api-configs create CONFIG_ID \
  --api=API_ID --openapi-spec=API_DEFINITION \
  --project=PROJECT_ID --backend-auth-service-account=SERVICE_ACCOUNT_EMAIL

Ensure that you have already assigned the necessary permissions to the service account as described in Configuring your development environment.

API request returns an HTTP 403 error

If a request to a deployed API returns an HTTP 403 error to the API client, it means the requested URL is valid but access is forbidden for some reason.

A deployed API has the permsssions associated with roles granted to the service account that you used when you created the API config. Typically, the reason for the HTTP 403 error is that the service account does not have the necessary permissions to access the backend service.

If you defined the API and the backend service in the same Google Cloud Platform (GCP), ensure that the service account has the Editor role assigned to it, or the role necessary to access the backend service. For example, if the backend service is implemented using Cloud Functions, ensure that the service account has the Cloud Function Invoker role assigned to it.

Cannot view log information

If your API is responding correctly, but the logs contain no data, it typically means that you have not enabled all of the Google services required by API Gateway.

API Gateway requires that you enable the following Google services:

Name Title API Gateway API Service Management API Service Control API

To confirm that the required services are enabled:

gcloud services list

If you do not see the required services listed, enable them:

gcloud services enable
gcloud services enable
gcloud services enable

For more information about the gcloud services, see gcloud services.