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With Anthos, implementing best practices such as zero trust is easier than ever before. You get a consistent platform to build and deliver secure services at every step of your journey to a hybrid and multi-cloud world.

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Modernizing your security for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments

Anthos enables you to secure your hybrid and multi-cloud deployments by providing consistent access controls across your environments. These policy-driven controls are automatically and declaratively enforced in order to minimize risk and allow organizations to improve their security posture by isolating workloads with different risk profiles and deploying only trusted workloads. 

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Implement and enforce zero-trust security

Use Anthos security controls to implement a defense-in-depth strategy. By shifting access controls from the network perimeter to individual users and devices, you can enforce zero-trust security and mitigate the risks of data exfiltration and unauthorized access.

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Embrace GitOps and policy as code

Anthos Security allows you to define your hybrid and multi-cloud environments as code in a secure repository. This gives you an auditable, easily revertable and transactional policy repository, with Anthos doing the work of declaratively ensuring that your policy is always implemented and in place and automatically taking corrective action should there be any deviation from your declared policy.

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Security that works for virtual machines and containers

Anthos also gives you a consistent policy language using Anthos Config Management and Anthos Service Mesh to secure both traditional workloads such as virtual machines and modernized services running on containers.


Binary Authorization

Binary Authorization is a deploy-time security control that ensures only trusted container images are deployed on Anthos GKE. With Binary Authorization, you can require images to be signed by trusted authorities during the development process and then enforce signature validation when deploying. By enforcing validation, you can gain tighter control over your container environment by ensuring that only verified images are integrated into the build-and-release process.

Anthos Service Mesh

Implement and enforce consistency service to service networking policy. Anthos Service Mesh helps you embrace a zero-trust security model by giving you the tools to automatically secure your services and their communication. You can also enforce security through authentication, authorization, and encryption for all communications between services. And you can do all this with little or no changes to the applications themselves, thus freeing up developers to focus on application-level security.

Anthos Config Management

With Anthos Config Management, you can create a common configuration across all your infrastructure, including custom policies, and apply it both on-premises and in the cloud. Anthos Config Management evaluates changes and rolls them out to all Kubernetes clusters so that your desired state is always reflected.

We chose Google Cloud’s Anthos for its flexibility to modernize our existing application investments with ease, and to deliver AI/ML powered software faster while improving operational security and governance. Anthos gives us the ability to have a unified management view of our hybrid deployments, giving us a consistent platform to run our banking workloads across environments.

Dilek Duman, Chief Operating Officer, Deniz Bank

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