Cloud Run for Anthos

Leverage Kubernetes and serverless together using Cloud Run for Anthos, a Google-managed and supported Knative developer platform.

Cloud Run for Anthos

Bringing serverless to Anthos

Integrated with Anthos, Cloud Run for Anthos provides a flexible serverless development platform for hybrid and multicloud environments. Cloud Run for Anthos is Google's managed and fully supported Knative offering, an open source project that enables serverless workloads on Kubernetes. Cloud Run is also available as a fully managed serverless platform on Google Cloud, without the Kubernetes platform requirements.
Simplify development complexity logo

Simplify development complexity

Cloud Run for Anthos abstracts away the complexity of underlying infrastructure, making it easy to build and deploy apps across hybrid and multicloud environments.

Operational flexibility of Kubernetes logo

Operational flexibility of Kubernetes

Cloud Run for Anthos streamlines operational needs with advanced workload autoscaling and automatic networking. You can even bring your existing Kubernetes-based solutions which work seamlessly with Cloud Run for Anthos.

Serverless anywhere logo

Serverless anywhere

Cloud Run for Anthos allows you to deploy your workloads to Anthos clusters, all with the same consistent experience.


Simple developer experience

A simple command-line and user interface to quickly deploy and manage your services. No need for developers to manage complex YAML files or even create containers. Cloud Run for Anthos takes care of that for you.

Optimized operator experience

Abstract the platform from application teams to quickly run serverless workloads across complex infrastructure. Easily perform A/B tests with traffic splitting, and quickly roll back to known good services.

Fast autoscaling

Rapidly autoscales workloads based on your app's requests volume. Scale idle workloads to zero instances to free up resources in your cluster, or set a minimum instance count for baseline availability.

Any language, any library, any binary

Use the programming language of your choice, any language or operating system libraries, or even bring your own binaries.

Leverage container workflows and standards

Containers have become a standard to package and deploy code and dependencies. Cloud Run for Anthos leverages the container ecosystem with Cloud Build, Artifact Registry, and cloud native buildpacks to automatically convert source code to containers for you.

Integrated logging and monitoring

Out-of-the-box integration with Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Logging, and Error Reporting to ensure the health of an application.

Built on Knative

Cloud Run for Anthos is Google's managed and fully supported Knative experience, enabling portability of your workloads across platforms.

Custom domains

Map your services to your own domains that your deployed apps automatically use.


Cloud Run for Anthos is currently included with a subscription to Anthos. For Anthos pricing, contact sales.

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