Supported regions for the Anthos On-Prem API

The following tables lists the Google Cloud regions available for the Anthos On-Prem API:


Region name Location
northamerica-northeast1 Montréal, Québec
northamerica-northeast2 Toronto, Ontario
southamerica-east1 Osasco, São Paulo, Brazil
southamerica-west1 Santiago, Chile
us-central1 Council Bluffs, Iowa
us-east1 Moncks Corner, South Carolina
us-east4 Ashburn, Virginia
us-east5 Columbus, Ohio
us-south1 Dallas, Texas
us-west1 The Dalles, Oregon
us-west2 Los Angeles, California
us-west3 Los Angeles, California
us-west4 Las Vegas, Nevada

Asia Pacific

Region name Location
asia-east1 Changhua County, Taiwan
asia-east2 Hong Kong
asia-northeast1 Tokyo, Japan
asia-northeast2 Osaka, Japan
asia-northeast3 Seoul, South Korea
asia-south1 Mumbai, India
asia-south2 Delhi, India
asia-southeast1 Jurong West, Singapore
asia-southeast2 Jakarta, Indonesia
australia-southeast1 Sydney, Australia
australia-southeast2 Melbourne, Australia


Region name Location
europe-central2 Warsaw, Poland
europe-north1 Hamina, Finland
europe-southwest1 Madrid, Spain
europe-west1 St. Ghislain, Belgium
europe-west2 London, England
europe-west3 Frankfurt, Germany
europe-west4 Eemshaven, Netherlands
europe-west6 Zurich, Switzerland
europe-west8 Milan, Italy
europe-west9 Paris, France
europe-west10 Berlin, Germany
europe-west12 Turin, Italy

Middle East

Region name Location
me-central1 Doha, Qatar
me-central2 Dammam, Saudi Arabia
me-west1 Tel Aviv, Israel