Download gkeadm

This document shows how to download the gkeadm command-line tool that you use to create an admin workstation for Anthos clusters on VMware (GKE on-prem).

Typically, gkeadm is the only component that you have to download manually. In some cases, you might want to manually downolad one or more of these other components:

  • Admin workstation Open Virtual Appliance (OVA)
  • Anthos clusters on VMware bundle
  • gkectl command-line tool

For more information, see Downloads.

Before you begin

You must be logged in with a Google Account.

To see whether you are logged in, view your SDK account property:

gcloud config get-value account

To log in:

gcloud auth login

Download gkeadm

You use the gkeadm command-line tool to create an admin workstation. Then you get an SSH connection to your admin workstation, and from there, you create clusters.

The gkeadm command-line tool is available for 64-bit Linux, Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, and macOS 10.15 and higher.



gsutil cp gs://gke-on-prem-release/gkeadm/1.12.0-gke.446/linux/gkeadm ./
chmod +x gkeadm


gsutil cp gs://gke-on-prem-release/gkeadm/1.12.0-gke.446/windows/gkeadm.exe ./

macOS Catalina

gsutil cp gs://gke-on-prem-release/gkeadm/1.12.0-gke.446/darwin/gkeadm ./
chmod +x gkeadm