Version 1.4. This version is fully supported, offering the latest patches and updates for security vulnerabilities, exposures, and issues impacting GKE on-prem. Refer to the release notes for more details. This is not the most recent version.

High availability

This page describes your high availability (HA) options in GKE on-prem.

HA for user clusters

GKE on-prem architecture with highly-available user clusters
GKE on-prem architecture with highly-available user clusters (Click to enlarge)

GKE on-prem supports HA user control planes. During cluster creation, you can choose to create three user control planes. To do so, specify usercluster.masternode.replicas: 3 in the GKE on-prem configuration file you're using to create the user cluster.

To create a HA user cluster, GKE on-prem creates three user control plane VMs (or master nodes) within the admin cluster. Each control plane VM runs the same Kubernetes control plane components.

HA for admin clusters

GKE on-prem does not currently support HA admin control planes. You can prevent a single point of failure in the admin cluster by enabling vSphere High Availability for your vSphere cluster.

vSphere High Availability protects GKE on-prem admin clusters from going down in the event of an underlying host failure.

To learn more, see Create a vSphere HA Cluster.