Quotas and limits

This page explains GKE on-prem quotas and limits for Google Cloud projects, clusters, and nodes.


Note that the following limits can be affected by your vSphere configuration and hardware. See the minimum requirements for more details.

  • For each admin cluster, you can deploy a maximum of 5 user clusters.

  • For each user cluster:

    • You must create a minimum of 3 nodes.
    • You can create a maximum of 100 nodes.
    • You can create a maximum of 3000 pods, where:
  • For each node, you can create a maximum of 110 pods. This includes pods running addon services.

  • For bundled load balancing mode, you can create a maximum of 500 LoadBalancer services. More details in scaling limits.

  • For each Google Cloud project:

    • Each user clusters must have a unique name across all admin clusters that are within a single Google Cloud project.
    • You can register a maximum of 15 user clusters by default. To register more clusters in GKE Hub, you can submit a request to increase your quota in the Google Cloud console:

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