Connecting to a cluster from the Google Cloud console

With Connect, you can use the Google Cloud console to manage your admin cluster and user clusters for Google Distributed Cloud.

Cluster registration

When you create a cluster, you provide registration information in the gkeConnect section of the cluster configuration file. Google Distributed Cloud uses that information to register your cluster to a fleet—a unified way to view and manage multiple clusters and their workloads as part of GKE Enterprise. You can find out more about fleets and the functionality that they enable in the Fleets guide.

Registered clusters are visible in your fleet host project on the GKE Enterprise Clusters page in the Google Cloud console.

As of version 1.9, user cluster registration is required at the time of creation. For user clusters that are upgraded to version 1.9 or later, registration is required during the upgrade.

To register a cluster after it has been created, fill in the gkeConnect section of its configuration file, and then run gkectl update cluster for a user cluster, or gkectl update admin for an admin cluster.

Google Distributed Cloud does not support using gcloud to manually change the registration of a cluster.

Logging into your cluster

To manage a registered Google Distributed Cloud cluster from the Google Cloud console, you need to log in to the cluster from the Google Cloud console.

Follow the instructions in logging into clusters to create the necessary roles and accounts and log in to your cluster.

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