You can use the gkectl command line interface for a for a variety tasks, including the following:

  • Generate a template for a cluster configuration file.
  • Validate a cluster configuration file.
  • Prepare a vSphere environment.
  • Create a cluster.
  • Upgrade a cluster.
  • Update a cluster.
  • Resize a cluster.
  • Diagnose cluster issues.

To list all commands:

gkectl help

To get help for a specific command:

gkectl COMMAND --help

Environment variable for the admin cluster kubeconfig file

Several gkectl commands require the path of the admin cluster kubeconfig file. You can specify the path by exporting a GKECTL_KUBECONFIG environment variable. For example:

export GKECTL_KUBECONFIG=/path/to/my-admin-cluster-kubeconfig

If you do not export the GKECTL_KUBECONFIG environment variable, then you must use the --kubeconfig flag when you run the command.

Download gkectl

For information on downloading gkectl, see Downloads.