This documentation is for the most recent version of Anthos clusters on Azure, released on November 3rd. See the Release notes for more information.
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View a cluster's status

After you create a cluster and node pool, you can view a cluster's status with the Google Cloud CLI or the Google Cloud console. To view the cluster's status, choose if you are using the Google Cloud CLI or Google Cloud console and follow these steps:


Use the gcloud container azure clusters describe command to get details about your cluster:

gcloud container azure clusters describe CLUSTER_NAME \

Replace the following:

  • CLUSTER_NAME: your cluster's name
  • GOOGLE_CLOUD_LOCATION: the name of the Google Cloud location that manages the cluster

Google Cloud console

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Anthos Clusters page.

    Go to Anthos Clusters

  2. Find the section Anthos managed clusters. Your clusters are listed by their name and location.

  3. Click on the cluster's name. A panel with information on the cluster, including its status and enabled Anthos features appears.

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