Supported VM sizes

Minimum supported cluster configuration

Clusters managed by GKE on Azure require a minimum of five Standard DS2 v2 Azure VMs. The first three form your control plane instances; the last two are your initial node pool. Your clusters may need more powerful control plane and node pool VMs depending on the demands of your workloads.

Cluster size (nodes) Control plane instances Node pool instances
Demo 3x Standard_B2s 2x Standard_B2s
1-10 Nodes 3x Standard_DS2_v2 workload dependent
11-100 nodes 3x Standard_DS3_v2 workload dependent
101-200 nodes 3x Standard_DS4_v2 workload dependent

Supported Azure VM types

GKE on Azure supports the following Azure VM sizes for control planes and node pools. For more information, see VM sizes in the Azure documentation.

Type Size
B series burstable Standard_B2s
B series burstable Standard_B2ms
B series burstable Standard_B4ms
B series burstable Standard_B8ms
B series burstable Standard_B12ms
B series burstable Standard_B16ms
B series burstable Standard_B20ms
Compute optimized Standard_F2s_v2
Compute optimized Standard_F4s_v2
Compute optimized Standard_F8s_v2
Compute optimized Standard_F16s_v2
Compute optimized Standard_F32s_v2
Compute optimized Standard_F48s_v2
Compute optimized Standard_F64s_v2
Compute optimized Standard_F72s_v2
General purpose Standard_DS2_v2
General purpose Standard_DS3_v2
General purpose Standard_DS4_v2
General purpose Standard_DS5_v2
General purpose Standard_D2s_v3
General purpose Standard_D4s_v3
General purpose Standard_D8s_v3
General purpose Standard_D16s_v3
General purpose Standard_D32s_v3
General purpose Standard_D48s_v3
General purpose Standard_D64s_v3