Version 1.12. This version is no longer supported. For more information, see the version support policy. For information about how to upgrade to version 1.13, see Upgrading Anthos on bare metal in the 1.13 documentation.

Available supported versions: 1.15  |   1.14  |   1.13

Admin workstation prerequisites

The admin workstation is where you download the bmctl command-line interface (CLI) tool and install the Google Cloud CLI. The admin workstation hosts configuration files to provision clusters during installation and kubectl for interacting with provisioned clusters post-installation. The admin workstation must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Operating system is the same supported Linux distribution running on the cluster node machines. For more information, see, Select your operating system.
  • Docker version 19.03 or later installed.

  • Non-root user is member ofdocker group (for instructions, go to Manage Docker as a non-root user).

    • gcloud CLI installed.
  • More than 50 GiB of free disk space.

  • Layer 3 connectivity to all cluster node machines.

  • Access to all cluster node machines through SSH via private keys with passwordless root access. Access can be either direct or through sudo.

  • Access to the control plane VIP.

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